My first book, On Game Theory (Heb.) deals with mathematics and the psychology of interactive Decision Making.
The book was hugely successful in Israel (winning the Golden Book and Platinum Book titles consecutively), staying at the top of the best-sellers list for months.
That book was translated into English and published as Gladiators, Pirates, and Games of Trust in 2017.
It won international acclaim and even made it to No. 1 on the Amazon list of best-selling books (on Games Theory) in England, Canada, and Australia.
In 2018-2019, the book broke through additional language barriers and was translated and published in Korea and China, soon to be published in Russia.
Last October, I was informed that it was named one of the world’s best-ever books on Games Theory (actually making No. 1 on the list) by the BookAuthority site.

One of the best Decision Making books of all time.” – BookAuthority
One of the best Game Theory books of all time.” – BookAuthority
“An accessible, light-hearted exploration into Game Theory.
Haim Shapira describes what it is, why it is important, and how it can help us in our daily lives.”

My Second Book (Things that Truly Matter – Heb.) speaks of the next step: Before people make a decision on anything, they should be aware of the things they truly care about.
That book too was a huge success in Israel (held the top of the best-selling list for quite some time and won the Gold and then Platinum awards).
The book was translated to 12 languages and published in more than 20 countries.
In Italy (published as La felicità e altre piccole cose di assoluta importanza) it made No. 1 on the Kindle General Best-Selling List.

One of the best Happiness eBooks of all time” – BookAuthority


My third book, The Infinite: the Never-Ending Journey (Heb.), teaches mathematical thinking and problem-solving strategies;
it became Gold and its English translation was published as Eight Lessons on Infinity: A Mathematical Adventure in March 2019.
It was also published in Italy in July 2019 (Otto lezioni sull’infinito (SPERLING & KUPFER)), and will soon be translated and published in Russia and China.


My fourth book, Ecclesiastes – The Biblical Philosopher (Heb.) is a philosophical journey into the valley of big questions.
It won the Israeli Gold and Platinum Book award and was published in English as The Wisdom of King Solomon in October 2018.


My fifth book, Nocturnal Musings [Heb.], another Gold Book winner, is a personal introduction to existential philosophy and is dedicated to the teachings of Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche.


My Sixth book – I Think, Therefore I Err, collaboration with Dr. Gail Gilboa Freedman, discusses Game Theory, statistics, and probabilities, mainly focusing on errors people tend to make in decision-making processes.
It is presently being translated into English.


My last two books are The Book of Love and A Most Beautiful Childhood Memory (Heb.).

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